Dec 012011

Here is an interesting take on the mix-and-match gameplay.

The objective of Blowup!! by Cravemob is match as many of the same coloured squares in order to complete a song. Elements of the song like a guitar riff will appear as you succeed.

A meter slowly decreases adding a timed component to the levels. The squares must be adjacent to each other for them to disappear. Large combinations of squares will add a little face indicating a combo is possible. The combo themselves refill portion of the meter.

The game seems easy at first, but later level require some strategy to achieve the biggest combos.

The presentation is reminiscent of the 8bits era with simple shapes and bright colours.

The sound design and music are also top notch.

The game comes with one song with 3 levels of difficulty. Additional songs can be purchased in the in-game store.

This can’t really be faulted since it’s a free download.