Dec 012011

Here is an interesting take on the mix-and-match gameplay.

The objective of Blowup!! by Cravemob is match as many of the same coloured squares in order to complete a song. Elements of the song like a guitar riff will appear as you succeed.

A meter slowly decreases adding a timed component to the levels. The squares must be adjacent to each other for them to disappear. Large combinations of squares will add a little face indicating a combo is possible. The combo themselves refill portion of the meter.

The game seems easy at first, but later level require some strategy to achieve the biggest combos.

The presentation is reminiscent of the 8bits era with simple shapes and bright colours.

The sound design and music are also top notch.

The game comes with one song with 3 levels of difficulty. Additional songs can be purchased in the in-game store.

This can’t really be faulted since it’s a free download.

Sep 302011

I picked up Where’s My Water from Disney Interactive over on iTunes for Aus$0.99.

The aim of the game is to provide water to the broken shower of Swampy the crocodile.
It will sprinkle out of pipes or be trapped in dirt. Tunnels are created with the touch of your finger. This is particularly satisfying when you see water flowing through them.
You will come across Acid at times which cannot go through Swampy’s shower. Careful strategy comes into play during these levels.

The water physics is what sets this game apart from the endless Angry-Birds clones. The engine successfully simulates liquid and watching it slosh around like you’d except is quite fascinating at times.

There’s 80 levels to conquer and some hidden objects that unlocks a few extra ones.

With the promise of a more to come through updates, this is fun little distraction that left me wanting more.

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Sep 062011

Another day, another zombie game.

I should be sick and tired of shooting zombies by now…

But no… That’s I Went over to the iTunes store the other day and downloaded Zombieville USA from MikaMobile for A$1.99.
It’s a side-scrolling shooter with a simple goal: reach the end of the level and survive. Killing Zombies gives you money which you can use to buy/upgrade your weapons. Visiting houses will give you ammo or money. You have a choice of 7 characters, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

The colourful art style and animation is what attracted me first, but the gameplay is surprisingly good.
The buttons on the left are use to move left or right and changing weapons, while the right buttons are used for melee attacks and shooting. Resources are scarce  so ammo management ends up being a big part of the game. The weapons have a nice satisfying feel to it with the Flamethrower and the Gattling Gun being my personal favourite.

Overall, the simplicity and short length of each level makes it perfect for any “pick up & play” occasion.

It’s another Zombie game, but this one is done well.

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